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SC ECO-TOURISM DELTA DUNARII S.R.L. offers you the opportunity to turn a conservation investment into a very profitable business, in one of the most preserved places in the Danube Delta, the area of ​​interest for tourists from all over the world. If you have the financial resources for this investment with a very high potential for profit OR if you have knowledge of such resources, we invite you to consult our offer, but also the strategy of profitability and obtaining special profits. We offer three possibilities to invest, partnership or full purchase:

1. In case of association, 1,750,000 euros, selling price of 50% of the company, which contains the current investment in conservation

2. In case of full purchase of the investment, 3,500,000 euros, sale price of the company, which contains the current investment in a state of preservation

3. Another option involves selling 51% of the investment for only 1,100,000 euros, with the obligation for the investor to comply with our strategy, building the all-inclusive complex with its own budget. In this case, we claim 30% of the profit obtained annually, for life, but not less than 1,100,000 euros / year.


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